Retaining walls

Our specialty

A retaining wall is built to keep the land behind it from sliding. It is designed to resist pressure, and shape a property for different needs. Often, a building developed on a hill, or a property with a pool will require a retaining walls. Modern retaining walls are built from concrete blocks.

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Concrete finishing

A new driveway or redoing a concrete section can add value to a property. Experienced concrete finishers make a project look great, and do it right. A concrete truck or bagged concrete, prepared footing, and flatwork is required to complete a project.

st. louis concrete driveway imperial missouri concrete driveway

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Pavers add a unique look to a walkway or patio. They are laid in a pattern and achieve a luxurious look. There are different size, shapes, and patterns for pavers. All require a footing for proper installation, and install time is longer than concrete.

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